Dr. Dresel, M.D. FACS, Dallas, TX

Dr. Alexandra Dresel is a Board Certified General Surgeon practicing at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.  Dr. Dresel has trained extensively to perform a wide variety of general surgery operations.  She can also perform various surgical procedures in the office under local anesthesia.

She is unwavering in her dedication to delivering optimal patient care. Whenever possible, evaluations, diagnostic information and treatment plans are reviewed with your primary care physician who plays a vital role in your over-all care.

Surgery Questions?

Dr. Dresel encourages patients to ask surgery questions at any time. She listens carefully to your concerns and educates you on available healthcare options. Your peace of mind is as important as your physical health.

Her excellent nursing and office staff has been carefully chosen for their warmth and professionalism. They strive to handle scheduling, insurance matters, new and refill prescriptions, telephone callbacks, and fees in a prompt and courteous manner.


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